My wife got the police to me; I was arrest locked up for three days —Man

February 8, 2020

Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadab, Oyo State, has ruled that a couple, Ibrahim Ismaila and Rukayat Ismaila should go their different ways.

Ibrahim who had been married to his wife for six years told the court she was troublesome. According to him, he once moved out of their apartment because of her troublesome nature.

He added that she got him arrested and locked up by the police.

Ibrahim stated that he was no longer willing to stay married to Rukayat and therefore entreated the court to separate them.

Rukayat agreed to divorce stating that Ibrahim was in the habit of maltreating her. She added that he failed to change in his behaviour towards her even when she was pregnant.

The defendant begged the court to award her custody of their three children in order to give them adequate care.

Ibrahim giving his evidence said:”My lord, Rukayat will kill me if I don’t send her packing. I came to court to get a legal backing for this.

“While other women make and build their homes what Rukayat does is to tear ours apart.

“She’s troublesome and derives pleasure in fighting and turning our home upside down.

“Rukayat treats me with disdain. She is not submissive and never listens to me.

“She’s also stubborn and willingly disobeys me. My wife loves to have her way even when she knows her decision will never lead to a good end.

“My lord, Rukayat derives pleasure in mocking me. She humiliates me before our children and neighbours.

“She didn’t stop at this. She further took to threatening to deal with me which once spurred my decision to move out of our place of residence.


“Rukayat made real her threat. She got me arrested by the police who locked me behind bars for three days. The arrest came three days after she was served a court summon.

“My lord, I don’t want anything to do with Rukayat again. I pray that you end our marriage, ”he appealed to the court.

“My lord, Ibrahim is a wicked man, “Rukayat told the court.

“Ibrahim refused that I sleep on the mattress when I was pregnant. He made me sleep on the bare floor not minding the pain I was feeling in my back.

“. Ibrahim was always descending on me with punches and would beat me mercilessly.

“I almost lost our baby during one of his beatings and had to be operated on to bring it out.

“My lord, he moved out of our room and started sleeping on the corridor in order to paint me black and win our neighbours’ sympathy.

“I later got him arrested by the police and he was locked up for just two days and not three as he stated.

“My lord, I’m also no more interested in a brute like Ibrahim. I accede to divorce but I plead with the court to hand over our children to me because he can’t take care of them, “she concluded.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade observed that their union had broken down irrevocably.

Odunade thus ruled that their union be dissolved and granted the defendant custody of their three children.

The plaintiff was asked to pay the sum of N9, 000 every month through the court as their children’s feeding allowance.

He was also to be responsible for their education and health service.

Ibrahim in addition to these was to give Rukayat N3, 000 to pack her belongings out of his house and another N12, 000 to rent a new apartment because of their last baby, who is just five months old.

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