Coping with lockdown

April 8, 2020

Since Covid-19 pandemic started its ravaging movement round the world, life as we know it has changed. Many people, even the uninfected ones, had to be quarantined in their homes for a length of time that is still unknown. And the result of this is that everyone in most places has to stay at home; no work, entertainment or leisure outside the house; broken travel plans, unavailable resources, indefinite isolation and hike in prices of commodities.

Also, there is an overload of information from different quarters, majority of which end up being fake news, leads to panic, anxiety and feelings of depression if unchecked. Many women find the isolation cumbersome and a drag on the mental health.

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But irrespective of the spiraling negative thoughts, boredom, feelings of dread and uncertainty at this period, there can be positivity and women can use this period to make something lasting and impactful on their individual lives.

At a time like this, women can take time to refocus and discover hidden strengths and talents. The period of idleness that leads to boredom and negative thoughts can be utilized for better things. Women need to turn the attention from the external that is, what they see and hear, to the internal; that is, the hidden and unexplored talents.

This is the time to attack long -avoided tasks, things that you seem never to have time for but desire to achieve. Try your hands at new things you had wanted to do but had no time for. You can learn new skills online and have fun. Don’t entertain fear of failure or whether you can’t continue after life goes to normal; just learn and have fun while at it because no knowledge is wasted.

To survive this period, there is a need to throw out the mindset of helplessness, being trapped or stuck as it will affect one’s mental health. Don’t deviate so much from your established system. Stay as close as possible to your normal established routine, especially where children are involved. Don’t, however, get carried away with the feeling of too much time to idle away; avoid letting yourself fall into a lethargic lifestyle that embraces idleness and allows bad thoughts.

Follow routine; wake up and go to bed around the same time. Eat meals, shower, adapt your exercise regimen, don’t stay in your night dress for the whole day because you are not going out. Also, be active and alert so that life will not be difficult after lockdown. And don’t become a channel of frightening fake news.

Stop pumping yourself up on news about coronavirus fatalities; you are not the Bureau of Statistics. Stop keeping count of the number of dead people across the world and giving in to a feeling of doom. Don’t over-research the pandemic that you start simulating symptoms and giving your household a life of fear. Listen to credible news channel for a healthy period of time and don’t revolve your life around news about the pandemic. Even people with the virus are encouraged to think positive thoughts to build immunity.

While the world outside is filled with uncertainty and fear, ensure your home is precisely organized in terms of activities and look. A cluttered home can cause you to become uneasy and claustrophobic. Strengthen yourself with the thought that your staying at home is your contribution to help the world combat the pandemic. Remember, positive thoughts goes a long way


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