Despite her bad voice, she joined a music band against my wish; started dating other men —Man

August 31, 2019

The 10-year-old wedlock between Olaide Adedokun and Nofisat Adedokun has been dissolved at Ojo Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Olaide had sued for divorce on the grounds of defiance and misconduct by his wife.

The plaintiff stated that he has had enough of his wife’s misconduct and therefore appealed to the court to end their relationship and grant him custody of their two children.

Nofisat agreed to divorce but disagreed that her husband be given custody of their children.

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According to Nofisat, Olaide lacks the financial capability of taking care of their children. She added that he had always been a bad example to them as they watch him drink himself to stupour and misbehave.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade after he had heard both parties dissolved their union and granted custody of both children to the defendant while the plaintiff was asked to pay the sum of N8, 000 per month through the court as their children’s feeding allowance.

Olaide was also mandated to be responsible for their health care and education.

Nofisat was ordered to make their children accessible to their father anytime he wishes to see them in line with the court’s injuction.

“My lord, Nofisat is stubborn and loves to have her way. She flouts my orders at will and dares that I do my worse.

“I sponsored her training as a chemist and promised to set her up in the business when she’s qualified but she opted out of the training without my knowledge.

“I tried to establish her in some other businesses but she showed no interest.  But she suddenly came up with the idea of joining as Islamic band to sing.

“My lord, my wife doesn’t have the ability to sing. He’s not gifted. She has a bad voice which sounds horrible when she sings.  I pointed this out to her but she remained adamant and was resolute on having her way.

“I knew her aim really was not to sing; she wanted to use the opportunity to start dating different men and I told her that, “the plaintiff told the court.

“Nofisat became defiant and took laws into her hands.  She would leave home without my permission and stay out with her band for two days, leaving me to cater for our children.

“The children and I would sleep together while I prepare their meals.

“I ensure our children are well fed and good to look at while I never defaulted in paying their school fees but Nofisat cared less about them. She was happy as far as she was away with her band, “Olaitan added.

“I left for work and met an empty home on my return. She went away with our children and kept them away from me. She refused to disclose her whereabouts.

“My lord, my main reason for dragging her to court is to have access to our children.


“I pray the court to separate us and hand over our children to me for adequate care. I have taken a new wife who is willing to look after them, “the plaintiff declared.

“My lord, his coming to court has strengthened my resolve to leave him. I’m also no longer interested staying married to him, “the defendant stated.

“Olaide has no human feeling. Our marriage is void of intimacy.

“My husband doesn’t care about my welfare and that of our children. He doesn’t feel concern when any of us is sick not to mention buying drugs.

“I struggle to meet our children’s needs because he’s not there, “Nofisat said.

“Our children and I moved to his father’s house when he left the country for greener pastures. On one of the nights the wind blew off the roof of his house while it was raining.

“My children and I were left with no option than to put up with different families every night for weeks since there was no money to repair the roof.

“Olaide returned to Nigeria with virtually nothing and having stayed at home for some months jobless, I linked him with my sister’s husband who was running a business but their relationship went sour soon after he joined him.

“My children and I went through some days without food while our first child was sent home from school for failing to pay school fees. He was home for a whole term.

“It was my father who came to our aid by giving us money.

“I later got assistance from an aunty who introduced me into yam business and the situation at home became fair.

“I hawked yam in the morning and evening in order to meet the needs at home. I also went to our child’s school to plead that they allow him return to school while I promised to pay the sum of N500 per week till I offset his fee which we owed.

“We were able to conquer hunger because we ate out of the yam I sold while I was also able to save N500 per day so that we could rent a new apartment, “she further stated.

“My lord, Olaide had consistently stood in my way of progress.

“I’m gifted in the area of singing and decided to join an Islamic band. My husband didn’t want to hear of it when I told him.

“I ignored him, joined the band and was able to ease the financial stress being experienced by the family through what I made from each show.

“Despite this, he would lock me out when I return and would sometimes leave me in the rain, “Nofisat stated.

She went on, “My lord, despite our pity state, my husband indulged in alcohol. He would hang out late and spend all he had on him on alcohol.  He was always in the company of friends who smoke Indian hemp.

“Our first child now copies his friend; he rolls and lights sheets of paper and smokes.

“My lord, he can’t take care of our children. He has no time for them. I pray that you award me custody of our children, “she concluded.

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