He insisted on having sex with me 7 times to heal our child, used our 3 months old pregnancy for ritual —Wife

November 28, 2020

He insisted on sleeping with me seven times in order to aid our daughter’s healing. I bled profusely the second time we had sex and lost our three months old pregnancy. I later understood he used the pregnancy for money ritual-Wife

She is indifferent to our children’s welfare. She felt unperturbed even when her cousin defiled our 11-year-old daughter. She stayed backed in her shop while our daughter was alone at home, hurting. She didn’t return home on that day until 10:00 pm–Husband

These were some of the testimonies given by a couple, Basirat Adeyoye and Adeniyi Adeyoye at Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Basirat who dragged her husband to court complained of battery.

The plaintiff further accused the defendant of using their three months old pregnancy for money ritual.

Basirat added that his husband moved to his new house with their two children without informing her and left her belongings behind in their rented apartment.

She told the court she had had enough of her husband’s atrocities and therefore pleaded that it ended their relationship.

Adeniyi admitted to claim.

The defendant stated that his wife was in the habit of moving out of his house at will while he was always going to her family to plead that she returned.

Adeniyi explained that he always begged her because he loved her and their children, but that he was now fed up with her ways.

He denied using their three months old pregnancy for ritual purpose.

According to him, his wife bled because she did family planning.

Adeniyi told the court that Basirat did not take him along before she went for the family planning.

“My lord, I’m tired of my husband’s constant beatings. If the court refuses to end our marriage today, he will soon snuff life out of me.

“He hit his mother who was mediating between us when we were fighting and her glasses flew off her face,” Basirat said.

“Adeniyi is diabolic. He used our three months old pregnancy for money ritual.

“Our daughter was sick and he consulted a spiritualist who according to him, directed that he slept with me seven times in order that our child might be healed.

“My lord, I bled and lost this pregnancy the second day we had sex and was admitted in the hospital for days.

“I moved out of his house with our children after I was discharged from the hospital and he came with his family members to plead that I return home with him.

“My mother insisted that they write and sign an undertaking that my husband will never maltreat me again and they all did.  But he refused to change.

“My lord, I was carrying out my business activities in the market when I received a call that my husband had packed out of our rented apartment and moved to the house he had just built.

“According to my informant, he left with our children and left my belongings behind.

“My lord, since he left, I have been the one feeding our children. I cook food and stew and take to them in his house on weekly basis. He has never given me a dime for these.

“He’s also in the habit of dropping our children with me whenever they are sick and would refuse to be responsible for their medical bills.

“My lord, I beg that you stop our marriage and grant me custody of our two children so that I can give them adequate care,” the plaintiff pleaded.

“Basirat is free to go,” Adeniyi told the court.

“She’s in the habit of moving in and out of my house. I’m tired of going to her parents’ house to beg every now and then. I love her and our children but can’t tolerate her irresponsible act any longer.

“If it was true I used our pregnancy for money ritual, I would have been a rich man by now.

“Basirat did family planning without my knowledge. She bled as a result of her body’s reaction to the family planning.

“Rather than inform me when she started bleeding, Basirat called her mother who rushed her to the hospital and later informed me of the state of her health.

“After she was discharged from the hospital, I started noticing signs that she was planning to leave me again. She packed her valuables in different bags and after a while she packed almost all the plates and cutlery from the kitchen, “the defendant explained.

The defendant stated further that, “Basirat is careless with our children. She lacks those motherly traits.

“My lord, Basirat’s cousin rapecourtd our 11-year-old daughter and she felt unperturbed. She handled the whole issue with levity.

“She didn’t inform me of the incident nor gave our child the necessary attention. She left our child alone at home hurting. Basirat didn’t return home that day until 10:00 pm.

“I was mad when I got to know about the incident and reported at the police station.

“I put our children in my custody because Basirat never returned home earlier than 10:00 pm every day. She was in the habit of cooking our dinner very late, when the children were already in bed.

“Now that my mother is with me our children take their dinner by 7:00 pm.

“My lord, our children are better off being with me. I pray that you put them in my custody, “he concluded.

Giving his judgment after he had heard both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, pronounced their wedlock dissolved.

He handed over their two children to the plaintiff and asked the defendant to be in charge of their welfare.

Odunade instructed the defendant give the plaintiff N10,000 for their children’s feeding. This he stated must be done through the court.

He further ordered Adeniyi to be responsible for their education.

According to Odunade, Adeniyi must make himself available any time they need medical attention.

Both were advised to maintain peace.


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