Yes, I want to win the Grammy —Slimcase

March 28, 2021

Life may have been tough and rough for self-acclaimed street king and singer, Slimcase, but his story has changed for good in the last five years. He came into the music scene with his special street tune that ruled the airwaves and has remained true to his craft since then. In this interview by SEGUN ADEBAYO, Otunba Lamba, as he loves to be called, shares the story of his life and career.

You are an entertainer with multiple personalities. You can sing and hype. Recently, we have seen you in movies and skits. What is it about your style that keeps changing from one personality to another?

I am a man who wants to survive and excel in anything he does; a man with multiple talents that can thrive and take me anywhere I dream to go. I always tell those who find it hard to place my style that I am like a chameleon. If you see me today playing the role of a hype man, next day, I am on Instagram going live to entertain my fans with different vibes totally different from what they saw yesterday. Some other times, I am doing my skit videos just to entertain people and keep the name Slimcase on the lips of many across the globe. I want people to always talk about me or what I do on a daily basis. That’s why I am always trying to dish out multiple entertaining contents. The dream is to remain relevant in the consciousness of the people every day. You can’t talk about somebody who understands the street and what they want without mentioning my name.


In other words, you are doing these to remain relevant given the fact that the entertainment industry keeps welcoming new acts daily…

As an entertainer who understands the industry and how things work, you must do whatever you think you can do to keep securing your space and stay relevant. The goal is not about being relevant or not, it is about giving the people what they want, and I enjoy the fact that people pay you for what you do for fun.


So, you have no fears about your space being threatened by new talents currently dominating the industry?

Fears? From where? By who? Have you not heard about the axiom that the sky is big and wide enough for all birds to fly all at once? Beyond all of that, there is what is called originality; it works like magic. You can’t take away originality from the person who has it. When you have what it takes and you can give the people what they want, forget the crowd; focus on your game and keep getting better. So, for me, no matter how big the industry gets, my space is secured by God’s grace.

You may have earned a name for yourself as one of those whose songs keep entertaining the street as you have claimed, but some people believe that your songs, like some by your colleagues, glorify social vices and encourage the youth to go berserk. What’s your take?

We are blessed with the knowledge of good and bad. Even the social media where people get to see a lot of things doesn’t change societal ills. People know what they want and they listen to what they want.

Slimcase is a brand that has done well, but it seems you still have a long way to go. How are you preparing for the big days ahead of you?

I don’t think about the big days ahead of me, I focus on building the capacity to fit into the big days when they come. I am doing my best to give myself a good life and keep entertaining my fans. When the big days come, we will see how it goes.


How would you describe the feeling when you heard that Wizkid and Burna Boy won at the Grammys?

I was very happy to see them win the award. Before now, it was only a dream, but we saw it happen. Over the years, Nigerian artistes have done so well to rise to the big stage where we all play now. Their success stories are everywhere for all of us to see and take a cue from. I am for Burna and Wizzy and I wish them more success as they keep growing.


How much work do you need to do to get yourself the global attention that could earn such awards too?

You know many people tend to forget that Slimcase is not a singer but a hype man, who vibes for a living. I want to keep doing what I love and not bother about awards. People have not even seen anything; they should keep their fingers crossed. For me, the journey is just starting. Many people know me as a musician; others know me as a hype man but recently I have added acting to my calling. Many people who saw how I played my role in Funke Akindele’s Omoghetto Saga were surprised at what I did. I am not yet a big actor but I am getting there; my first appearance wasn’t so bad. I featured in a blockbuster movie that sold out at the cinemas. So, there is more to come from me. Sometimes, I try to slow down a bit and breathe. The good job has started.


But will Slimcase win the Grammy one day?

If somebody had asked Burnab Boy back then if he could win the Grammy, he would have had a second thought. Even if he had said yes, I am not sure he would have believed it could come this fast. So for me, I will win the Grammy but I am not sure if I would win as a musician or something else.

What has been your greatest fear since you became a famous singer in Nigeria?

This question is always on my mind. It keeps reminding me of my humble days, where I am today and where I am headed. Right now, my only fear is that whatever has a beginning will have an end. This means that things can’t always be rosy but you must be smart and invest your time and money wisely. I want to fix my life as quickly as possible before poverty comes back knocking on my door.

Was life really hard for you before now?

Life was pretty tough. I can’t deny that fact. Life remains tough as far as I am concerned but I can tell you that I am on a different level in life now and I am grateful to God for grace.

You are popularly known as Slimcase. What is it about the name?

Slimcase means a very small thing doing big things. My philosophy is life is to look small but pull big things. It is about Small circle; small friends; small people around me. No face, no case. I got the name from my mentor Slimshady.


Have you ever been threatened for singing street songs?

Nobody ever threatens a drunkard that minds his business. My sound is like that of a drunk man doing stupid things. Who has my time? Who cares about me in the industry? People just laugh when they see me and mind their businesses. Nobody threatens an entertainer; everybody wants to laugh and have fun.

Should we be expecting an album from you soon?

Yes, I will be dropping my very first EP this year (Children of Nowadays).


How do you rate your music now?

My type of music is hype music. I started this genre of music in the industry. I don’t think anybody can deny that fact. I am doing very well now. Trust me; I am so happy with my life.


Any big collaboration you want us to know about?

That should be Slimcase and Cardi B. I strongly believe this will happen but I don’t know how it will come to fruition.


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