‘My wife brings me ill luck, woes; she denies me sex, her pregnancy therefore can’t be mine’

April 3, 2021

A man, Abidemi Awosola, has dragged his wife, Zainab Awosola before Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Abidemi in his suit alleged that his wife whom he married 11 years ago had constantly brought him ill luck.

The plaintiff explained that he was doing fine before he met his wife, but that things changed immediately he got married to her.

According to him, his fortune nosedived, while things generally went from bad to worse.

He added that he sought to know the cause or source of these calamities that frequently befell him and that accusing fingers were pointed at his wife.

The plaintiff denied responsibility of the defendant’s pregnancy. He stated that he couldn’t have impregnated her because she was always refusing her sex.

The plaintiff stated that he doesn’t want to go any further in their marriage and thus prayed the court to dissolve it.

Zainab acceded to divorce giving neglect, lack of care of her and their children and constant fight as her reasons.

She added that her husband was diabolic and in the habit of sprinkling things in the house.

The defendant entreated the court to grant her custody of their children, but make her husband responsible for their upkeep.

Abidemi giving his evidence said, “I was doing well on my job and had already built my house before I met and got married to my wife.

“I started experiencing woes immediately Zainab moved into my house.

“I was involved in a fatal motor accident which almost claimed my life a few months after we got married.

“I was unconscious for eight days and was on admission in the hospital for months.

“The accident affected my hand and leg. I became less productive and this invariably took its toll on my finance.

“I find it difficult meeting the needs of the home. But my wife rather than pity me, made life more unbearable for me. She was in no way supportive. She refused to ease me of some of these responsibilities.

“Zainab rather than encourage me, consistently rain curses me. Life becomes harder for me because of the spell she cast on me as she curses me.

“My lord, I hardly sleep in the night. I always have nightmares which are terrifying and causing my health to deteriorate.

“I sought for spiritual help in order to put to an end to the woes befalling me and was told that my wife was the one behind my problem. I was made to understand that she is possessed.

“My lord, Zainab ensured that all the concoction I was given to use fail to work.

“She took to humiliating me before our children and extended family members and started taking decisions in the home without my consent.

“Our children were sent back home from school because I failed to pay their school fees. I sought the understanding of their school authority and arranged with them on how I was going to pay off the debt.

“My lord, unknown to me, Zainab had gone ahead to enroll our children in a public school.

“She embarrassed me and turned me into a liar in our children’s former school, “the plaintiff stated.

He added that, “My wife treats me with insolence. She has hit my head on the wall twice because she knows I now leap on a leg while my hand is not functioning well.

“She has abandoned me. I now cook my food and wash my clothes all by myself despite the state of my health.

“My lord, I declare before this court today that the pregnancy Zainab is carrying is not mine.

“She refused that I have sex with her. She pushed me and hit my head on the wall a second time when I insisted I must sleep with her that night. She refused that I had my way.  I, therefore, can’t claim the pregnancy.

“My lord, Zainab is an ill wind that blows no one any good.

“I earnestly pray this honourable court to separate us, “Abidemi pleaded.

Zainab in her testimony told the court, “My lord, I agree that you dissolve our wedlock.  But I entreat the court to grant me custody of our three children. There is no point staying in a marriage where there is no care.

“My husband neglects me and our children. He has never bought me a dress since we got married, while he gives us only N200 for food.

“We both pay our children’s fees. I buy their books, uniforms and also make provision for other needs.

“He refused that we discuss our children’s fate when they were sent home from school for owing school fees. Neither did he take any vital step towards their going back to school.

“I enrolled our children in another school to guide against our children wasting meaningful time at home.

“I registered them in a public school because it is affordable.

“My husband never allows that I have peace of mind. He’s always fighting with me.

“My family members had tried to mediate in our differences at eight different times but failed because he refused to tell them the reason he fights me.

“Abidemi shunned his father when he attempted to settle our difference. He shouted on him and refused to listen to him.

“His mother and brother eventually succeeded in resolving the crisis and reconciled us.

“He impregnated me after this but soon returned to his old ways.

“He mocked me when I informed him about the pregnancy and later denied being responsible for it.

“I reported him to his boss who counseled him, but he remained adamant.

“I again reported him to his friend. He ignored him and later stopped picking his call.

“My lord, Abidemi is diabolic. He’s always sprinkling all sorts of things in the house which I find uncomfortable, “the defendant stated.

The court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje, adjourned the case till April 26, and ordered both parties to come with their three children and parents for judgment.


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