The advantages of arresting Nnamdi Kanu ~ By Frederick Odorige

June 29, 2021

I am not a fan of Nnamdi Kanu.
Now that he has been arrested, the killings by Miyetti Allah, Fulani herdsmen, Boko haram, bandits and unknown gun men will finally come to an end!
Food prices will drop drastically and a bag of foreign rice will become N5k.
Kidnapping for ransom will stop automatically.
Thievery Senators will no longer receive the highest in the world as we borrow to finance our national budgets.
Gladly, Nigeria’s 20 million street children will now have a better life.
Our elections will no longer be rigged to the benefit of greedy and ritualistic politicians.
Now, thievery Senators and Ministers will no longer pad our budgets or appropriate official vehicles to themselves when they leave office. Nigerians in diaspora can now vote and participate in political governance, because Nnamdi Kanu has been arrested!
This government shall no longer borrow blindly and Amaechi will no longer buy refurbished trains at drastically inflated prices!

General Buhari and Pastor Osinbajo will no longer disobey court orders nor act in impunity.
Yes, EFCC will no longer be selective. They can now open Tinubu’s bullion vans!
State governors will no longer steal security votes nor arm-twist local government councils.
Alas, so-called repentant terrorists will no longer be integrated into our midst.

Hurray, Kanu has been arrested; Nigeria is now free!

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Day by day, most of you will come to the full realization that what we need is a massive revolution without recourse to ethnic and religious considerations. The solution is not in breaking Nigeria or fighting separately. The solution is in our collective voices and the ability to use the soles of our feets to march heavily along freedom road.

You will soon realize that with our huge numbers on the streets, we could peacefully close all offices, schools, markets, banks, airports, etc, until government accounts to us why we sold oil for 61 years and became the poverty capital of the world and third on the global terrorists index.

Those that have occupied public offices from 1999 till date owe us hugely. They must pay back, naira and kobo.
From that day on the streets, we shall have a brand new constitution and all that we need to be happy as a people. We have waited long enough!!
Our numbers on the streets shall be our weapons. No guns, no bullets; no burning of infrastructures, no killing and no shedding of the blood of our compatriots. They have killed us enough.

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When the number of protesters far outnumber that of a dictatorial security forces, they drop their guns, pull their uniforms and join the protest. #EndSARS was indeed, a rehearsal.

In those days, we shall seize their jeeps and turn them to the ambulances they refused to buy for our hospitals. We shall seize their mansions and turn them into the schools and hospitals they refused to build.
The days cometh quickly when there shall be no flag of Oduduwa, Biafra, Bendel, Ibom, Middle belt, etc.
Together, with one voice, we shall fly the flag of we, the people!!

We must guickly call for 20 million of us on the streets. Not for one day or one week. We should remain on the streets until they answer and leave. The revolution is too ripe to ignore.
It shall be Revolution Without Ammunition!

This is not an ethnic battle.
One tribe cannot win the battle against these principalities and powers. Kill your fears and join.


Frederick Odorige
Follow on Twitter: @FOdorige

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