[BREAKING] APGA leadership tussle: Jude Okeke died in October 2017!

August 26, 2021

On August 10, 2021, I left for Obeleagu Umana in Ezeagu LGA of Enugu State, where Jude Okeke claims to come from. My mission was to find out the truth about Jude Okeke. Being that I am from Enugu State, I took it upon myself to unravel the mystery behind the man Jude Okeke.

As a teenager, I had classmates from the Obeleagu Umana where Jude Okeke claims he comes from. I had followed the likes of Emeka Udeh, Chibuike Eze and Cyprian Nwani to these places between 2001, 2002 and 2003.

So, given my acquaintance with this environment, I decided to find out about this man that boldly wrote in his forged APGA (All Progressives Grand Alliance) party card and passport photograph, which he attached as Exhibit D1 in the affidavit and documents he presented before Jigawa High Court.

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On that fateful day, I set out on a voyage of discovery. I visited the clan head of Obeleagu Umana, Ozo C. N Ejiofor, with a copy of Exhibit D1, with Jude Okeke’s name boldly embossed on it.

Firstly, I congratulated him on the new position of their son, Jude Okeke, who has been on the news for over two months now, as the Acting National Chairman of APGA. He was dazed beyond human comprehension.

In utmost consternation, Ozo Ejiofor told me that the Jude Okeke from his own Obeleagu Umana died October, 2017. I was expressly and profoundly shocked.

I had to show him the video of the June 15, 2021, TV charade, where Jude Okeke claimed he emerged the Acting National Chairman of APGA.

Ozo Ejiofor maintained his ground. He said the man in the clip couldn’t have been Jude Okeke, because he died in October 2017. Astonishingly, he paused awhile and narrated how Jude Okeke was interred.

If there anything that is worth attention, in Nigeria today, it is this matter. How could some people concoct this terrible dish just to keep the whole country in perpetual guess?

My curiosity grew to unimaginable level. I started perusing all the documents signed by the imaginary Jude Okeke and found out that all the documents he signed were all scanned signature.

He never signed anything physically. In all the places his signatures appeared they were all scanned.

Perhaps, this explains why Chief Edozie Njoku and Victor Oye always visit Television Stations to explain to the world the process that brought them to power as APGA National Chairman, but Jude Okeke never did.

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We only hear about the Court cases he is instituting in every state of the federation by proxy. Interestingly, guardians of the temple of justice have tolerated Jude Okeke enough. Is it not time to prevail on the lawyers to provide their client in court to clear this misty air?

On August 15, 2021, I took another trip to Suit 20, Shafa Plaza, Area 1, opposite Area 3 Junction, the purported National Secretariat of Jude Okeke and his group at Abuja.

To my greatest chagrin, I discovered that the said office have been under lock and keys since February, 2021. The one-room shop is not befitting being referred to as APGA secretariat.

Further inquires from the neighbourhood reveals that the occupant of Suit 20, Shafa Plaza, abandoned the shop and left with the keys due to rent issues.

I insisted on meeting the person in charge of the property. I met with Mr. Rotimi Akindele who said he is the caretaker. I asked about the occupants of Suit 20 and he corroborated the earlier story that they were last seen since in February due to rent issues.

I tried to find out from Mr. Rotimi if he knows Jude Okeke, he said no. Then, I asked if there has been any activity of APGA in the said suit or in the plaza. He replied no.

He went further to say that the plaza is basically a business place and not for any political activity. The said plaza is a one-storey building wherein Suit 20 located at the 1st floor close to the staircase.

Suit 19 is a hair dressing saloon while Suit 21 is a business center. The shops in the ground floor sell items like bread, soft drinks, condemn engine oil, snacks, crayfish and pepper and other food item.

APGA National Secretariat cannot be in located in such miserable environment. These are some suspicions that Jude Okeke and his gang propped up, to take our dear party 30 years backwards. It’s a pity!

Summarily, those hiding behind the shadow of a dead man must be brought to book. They are the real enemies of APGA and Nigeria.

With this revelation that Jude Okeke died in October 2017, the security agencies should go after these indentured creatures and deal with them decisively.

Chukwuemerie Ugwuoke

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