Latest Covid-19 Global Updates For April 28

April 29, 2020

Coronavirus update, Africa:

– Egypt: 260 new cases
– South Africa: 203 new cases
– Nigeria: 195 new cases
– Morocco: 132 new cases
– Algeria: 132 new cases
– Ghana: 121 new cases
– Senegal: 87 new cases
– Guinea: 77 new cases
– Sudan: 43 new cases
– Kenya: 11 new cases
JUST IN: Nigeria reports 195 new cases of coronavirus, 1,532 cases in total.

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Nigeria’s largest daily increase by far.

NEW: President Trump will sign executive order to keep meat processing plants open.

USA: Beef processing plant in Wisconsin closes after nearly 200 employees test positive for the coronavirus.

USA: President Trump says government processed over 14 years worth of small business loans in less than 14 days.

USA: VP Mike Pence, head of coronavirus task force, violated Mayo Clinic’s policy and toured the facility without a mask.

Mayo requires all patients and visitors to wear mask or face covering since April 13.

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Coronavirus update, Middle East:

– Turkey: 2,392 new cases
– Saudi: 1,266 new cases
– Iran: 1,112 new cases
– Qatar: 677 new cases
– UAE: 541 new cases
– Israel: 173 new cases
– Kuwait: 152 new cases
– Bahrain: 88 new cases
– Oman: 82 new cases
– Iraq: 81 new cases

NEW: Saudi Arabia reports 1,266 new cases of coronavirus and 8 new deaths.

A total of 20,077 cases and 152 deaths.

NEW: UAE reports 541 new cases of coronavirus, 11,380 cases in total.

UAE’s largest daily increase so far.

UK’s update:

– Number of new deaths up
– Number of new cases down
– Number of new tests at record high
– Nearly 600,000 people tested so far

BREAKING: UK reports 3,996 new cases of coronavirus and 586 new deaths.

Total of 161,145 cases and 21,678 deaths.

NEW: India reports 728 new coronavirus cases and 31 new deaths in Maharashtra.

State total at 9,318 cases and 400 deaths.

NEW: Turkey reports 2,392 new cases of coronavirus and 92 new deaths.

A total of 114,653 cases and 2,992 deaths.

NEW: Over 2,000 members of Russian military test positive for coronavirus.

INDIA: Delhi reports 206 new cases of coronavirus, raising total to 3,314.

54 deaths, 1,078 recovered.

NEW: India reports 226 new coronavirus cases and 19 new deaths in Gujarat.

State total at 3,774 cases and 181 deaths.

NEW: Netherlands reports 171 new cases of coronavirus, 38,416 cases in total.

Its lowest daily increase in 45 days.

USA: White House’s favored coronavirus model raises estimate to 74,000+ deaths.

Up from “60,000, maybe 65,000.”

UNITED STATES: Number of confirmed coronavirus cases has topped 1 million.

New York’s update:

– Number of new cases down
– Number of new deaths down
– Number of new people tested down
– Number of new hospitalizations down
– Number of total hospitalizations down

BREAKING: New York reports 3,110 new cases of coronavirus and 335 new deaths.

Total of 295,106 cases and 17,638 deaths.

NEW: For the first time since March 24, New York reports less than 1,000 new coronavirus hospitalizations.

INDIA: State of Tamil Nadu returns 24,000 rapid coronavirus testing kits imported from China due to quality issues.

Remaining orders are being canceled.

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NEW: India reports 222 new coronavirus cases and 10 new deaths in MP.

State total at 2,387 cases and 120 deaths.

NEW: India reports 102 new coronavirus cases in Rajasthan, state total at 2,364.

52 deaths, 770 recovered.

NEW: For the third time since coronavirus outbreak, Italy has reported more new recovered patients than new cases.

Italy’s update:

– Number of new cases up
– Number of new deaths up
– Number of new people tested up
– Number of hospitalized down
– Number of ICU patients down
– Nearly 69,000 patients recovered

BREAKING: Italy reports 2,091 new cases of coronavirus and 382 new deaths.

Total of 201,505 cases and 27,359 deaths.

NEW: Leaving the middle seat empty on flights is an ‘idiotic idea’ that does not achieve anything, says Ryanair CEO.

NEW: JetBlue becomes the first major U.S. airline to require all passengers to wear face coverings on flights.

NEW: Russia reports 6,411 new cases of coronavirus, 93,558 cases in total.

Russia’s largest daily increase so far

NEW: South Korea reports 14 new cases of coronavirus, 12 of which were imported.

Below 15 new cases for 10th day in a row.

NEW: China reports 6 new cases of coronavirus, 3 of which were imported.

JAPAN: Mayor of Osaka says men should do grocery shopping during pandemic because ‘women take a longer time.’

NEW: Sweden reports 695 new cases of coronavirus and 81 new deaths.

A total of 19,621 cases and 2,355 deaths.

NEW: “The pandemic is far from over,” says WHO chief Tedros Adhanom.

NEW: Qatar reports 677 new cases of coronavirus, 11,921 cases in total.

10 deaths, 1,134 recovered.

NEW: Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia has reached 20,000.

INDIA: Singer Kanika Kapoor offers to donate her plasma after recently recovering from coronavirus.

NEW: India reports 121 new coronavirus cases in Tamil Nadu, state total at 2,058.

25 deaths, 1,128 recovered.

NEW: India reports 82 new coronavirus cases in AP, raising state total to 1,259.

31 deaths, 258 recovered.

INDIA: Supreme Court employee tested positive for coronavirus on Monday.

NEW: Bangladesh reports 549 new cases of coronavirus, 6,462 cases in total.

Bangladesh’s largest daily increase so far.

NEW: Afghanistan orders release of more than 12,000 prisoners due to coronavirus.

Release based on their crimes.

NEW: Indonesia reports 415 new cases of coronavirus, 9,511 cases in total.

773 deaths, 1,254 recovered.

NEW: Iran reports 1,112 new cases of coronavirus and 71 new deaths.

A total of 92,584 cases and 5,877 deaths.

NEW: Number of recovered coronavirus patients in the U.S. has reached 111,111.

Coronavirus cases, U.S.

New York: 291,996
New Jersey: 111,188
Massachusetts: 56,462
Illinois: 45,883
California: 44,966
Pennsylvania: 43,558
Michigan: 38,210
Florida: 32,138
Louisiana: 27,068
Texas: 25,321
Connecticut: 25,269
Georgia: 24,302
Maryland: 19,487
Ohio: 16,325

NEW: Canada reports 1,605 new cases of coronavirus and 147 new deaths.

A total of 48,500 cases and 2,707 deaths.

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