Now Is Time For Arewa Security Outfit

June 17, 2020

You can’t sit and watch your people
being killed – women and young girls
raped, and sons abducted by some ragtag
bandits, kidnappers and insurgents

Their motivations have been built on
demonic idealogy, easy access to firearms
and our collective failure in providing
the desired community based shepherd
leadership and a fit-for-purpose security
system (i.e. people, policies, procedures,
equipment and automation harmonised
to achieve desired results in an efficient,
cost effective and sustainable way).
We are people caught under the spell
of deception, blind trust and followership
of our central and regional rulers/leaders
in Abuja and in some states too.
We blindly trusted them to be sincere
and patriotic representative of the
people, especially, the constituencies
that made it possible for them to be
voted into power.

But for the purpose of this onerous clarion call, let’s set aside lamentations on how we’ve failed to critically, assess the capabilities of our political leaders, but allowed them to decieve us and or buy their way to power in the first place, and how they planned to allow the electioneering system to remain unchanged status quo, so that
only money matters during elections
– and only them and their annointed
agents who stole so much can be able to
buy votes and remain in power forever, as if human life hasn’t got its terminal end.It’s time for truthOh yes! Its time for truthful, honest and sincere shepherd leadership or we all wait and perish in no time! The North is of course bleeding. And these evils of bad governance and insecurity: hunger, rape, kidnapping and senseless killings of citizens have to stop!
But guess what?!

No one can stop these demonic
ventures but we the Northerners! So,
let’s stop hallucinating that someone
else could leave his regional agendas and
come to solve our problems in the North
in 2023 when the North could be no
more, or when we haven’t been devasted
to extinction–may Allah protect us.
Now is time for the North, as a
people, to start looking inward, while
we carefully assess, analyse, and design
fit-for-purpose #SecuritySolutions for
Arewa region.
Yes now is the time!

And let’s stop waiting forever,
for some magical or mystical savour
tomorrow or in 2023, to come and solve
problems that must be tackle NOW.
Yes, you read me right Sir – Now, as in
“living for Now”, Sir.

We should stop depending heavily on the Federal security agents and handout for security votes, upto a 50% or even less – level or rate of dependence on the central government  if we can.

And I am sure we can become
less dependent on monthly handouts or
FAAC allocations when we work smartly,
to harness local resources, so as to boost
our IGR in the Northern States.

Our able governors should fear Allah,
and work sincerely with our States’ House of Assemblies and Federal Legislators, as a matter of urgency, to come up with viable and effective laws that can allow States to set up their security outfits that should be manned by team qualified, well-trained, well-equipped and well-motivated and remunerated Northerners.

This new – to be established -Northern Security Institutions (NSI) should have some dotted lines of command and or cooperation with all the Federal security agencies, but the NSI should be mainly controlled by their respective States’ leadership -Governors.

At the national level, we are calling
on distinguished Senators, to urgently
initiate the revamp of the entire
Federal Security Institutions (FSI) and
or agencies, and make them readily
compatible, cooperative, collaborative
and accomodating, to the newly (to
be) proposed State-based Security
Institutions (SSI), giving special
attention to the troubled North and its
proposed (NSI).

Let’s not be under any delusion,
for, we cannot succeed – until we stop
listening to the naysayers and pessimists
who are either genuinely afraid of change and or they have been beneficiaries of the status quo for so long.

Thus, these naysayers can resist any change inthis regard. But as patriots let’s rather be optimistic and or realistic while we look at how other nations like the #USA had established their States’ police departments, which is separate from the federal agecies such as FBI.

The USA has been able to achieve this fit of establishing viable collaborative and complementary security arrangement between the Federal and States Government and it is working for them. And why can’t it work for us in Nigeria, especially when we factor realities on ground, bordering on incapacity, absence of viability for Federal security agencies to tackle growing criminal ventures throughout the nation and coupled with the facts that States have many unemployed youths who are ready to serve their various States.

In the USA for instance, there
are State Police Department setup
to complement the Federal security

And these inlclude: the
#NYPD and #LAPD representing the
New York Police Department and the Los
Angeles #Police Department respectively.
Our task becomes less cumbersome
in this regard, since we can be able to see
other nation’s State security blueprints
and learn from their successes and avoid
their failures and or mistakes, while we
carefully customis our state security
models or blueprints, to fit our generic
and peculiar securit
– Garba wrote in from Yola.

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