Igbos need industries and not police zones

July 12, 2020

Recently, a well known Igbo son in the person of Prince Arthur Eze encouraged and oversee the establishment of Zone 13 of the Nigerian Police force in Anambra state.

Several questions have been agitating the minds of many patriotic Igbos as the need for the establishment of this police zone in Igbo land which is relatively very peaceful, except for infiltrators and intruders from northern part of the country?

Ninety-nine percent of patriotic Igbos are of the opinion that what Igbo land presently needs is manufacturing industries and other economic viable infrastructures to employ her teeming youths more than they needed the siting of additional police zone in the region.

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One of the major motivation of insecurity and youths restiveness as presently experienced in northern states is unemployment.

Because a great percentage of youths in the north are unemployed, they find negative solace in all forms of criminalities such as cattle rusting, kidnapping, banditry and willing tools in the hands of Boko Haram and other insurgent groups in the north.

Even though all the top positions in the hierarchies of army, police, navy, DSS, NIA and other security outfits are domiciled in the north and controlled by people from the north, available statistics and daily insecurity occurrences have shown that the entire north have remained a highly risky and volatile area to live, both for indigenes and strangers alike.

The solution to the perennial and nightmarish insecurity in the north is to build infrastructures and industries that will employ the millions of northern youths, an effort which the present administration is investing billions of dollars to do as could be seen from numerous multi billion dollar projects been executed in the north, which we believe will ameliorate the rate of unemployment and insecurity.

Relatedly, patriotic minded Igbos have expected Prince Arthur Eze and other extremely wealthy Igbo elites of his caliber to initiate the building of manufacturing industries and other economic viable infrastructures to empower millions of Igbo youths who could resort to drug trafficking, armed robbery, kidnapping, internet fraud, etc., as a result of frustration and a blink future caused by employment.

Arthur Eze has what it takes to build industries in Igbo land or better still build refinery or gas stations in every area in Igbo land and employ Igbo youths.

He is into oil and gas business, so why building police station instead of building what is connected to his business to empower his people?

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If he actually has the interest of his people, especially the Igbo youths at heart, he would have asked them what they want, instead of imposing police zone on them.

So far, the little or much the likes of Innoson, Ibeto and other indutrialists of Igbo extraction have done, have really made a great difference in reducing unemployment and curtailing the rate of insecurity in Igbo land.

Just imagine if what Innoson, Ibeto and Others were interested in like Arthur Eze was bringing additional police zones and army barracks in Igbo land, what impact and benefits would it give to our people which it did not give to northerners who owns the highest stakes in army, navy and police etc?

There are many reasons why Arthur Eze’s achievement of bringing additional police zone in Igbo land and the fanfare that accompanied it’s establishment should not be celebrated as a plus for the Igbos, even though the impression is to provide artificial security.

First, the top police personnels that would head the police zone13 would all be from the same northern Nigeria were they have not been able to stop or curtail insecurity. What assurance do we have that they will make a difference in Igbo land?

Secondly, Fulani herdsmen and other criminal elements usually take advantage of their tribesmen in top echelon of Nigeria security outfits to penetrate all corners of the country and perpetuate crimes, because they know that they have people in top security positions who will bail them,defend or stand for them in any security breaches.

What assurance can Arthur Eze give us that the newly established zone 13 can stop the infiltration of herdsmen and other criminal elements from the north who will take advantage that there brothers are heading the zone 13 to penetrate into interior villages of Igbo land?

Thirdly, tongues have been wagging that he facilitated the establishment of the police zone to intimidate surrounding towns who are in land tussle with his town Ukpo.

Whatever the reasons are, I believe he didn’t take into cognizance the short and long time benefits of establishing police zone as compared to establishing manufacturing industries or other economic viable infrastructures that would empower millions of Igbo youths economically.

Edwin Chukwudire-Obi is the Founder and National President of Worldwide United Forum for Igbo Patriots & Aborigines-WUFIPA; Email: pastoredwin14@gmail.com.08178183902

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