RE: HRM Chief Uzodinma Onyido And Uruezealor: Detailed Facts – By Chinedu Humphrey Ibeneme

July 28, 2020

Igwe’s rep at the palace,High Chief Ugochukwu Okwuosa Owelle addressing the irate youths.

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I want to state categorically that the writer of the article entitled, HRM CHIEF UZODINMA ONYIDO AND URUEZEALOR: DETAILED FACTS, Mr Gozie Obide is either bereaved of the fundamental problem in URUEZEALOR village or that he is one of the beneficiaries of the crises in URUEZEALOR.

As long as one continue to pursue the shadow, he/she can never get the substance till eternity. He (Mr Gozie Obide) is over 50 years;  and as such, he is supposed to be on the vanguard of peace making and community building.

HRM Chief Uzodimma attained the level he is today through hardworking, sleepless nights, honesty, respect for humanity and above all, through his disposition as a philanthropist. He has touched so many lives positively both in his community URUEZEALOR and beyond of which some of the (misguided) youts are beneficiaries. The writer of the above article Mr Gozie Obide is one of the benefitiaries as his school fees were being paid for by His Majesty when he was in open University.

 However, the destruction of His Royal Majesty’s property by the misguided youths is not the substance but the shadow. Whoever that is reading this article with the interest of Uruezealor and Ogidi at heart, should as a matter of fact, come down to Uruezealor and conduct what we call investigative journalism so as to be equipped with facts of the matter.


DETAILS:- Uruezealor village has a community Land like other villages in Ogidi which is being guided, notured, procted and cultivated by u


In 1978, the community unanimously agreed to map out some portion of the Land for shearing amongst themselves which was actually accomplished with out rancor/acrimony.

The records of the shearing is still in Uruezealor for people’s consultation, some of the members of Land committee are still alive for consultations and about 95% of the sheared lands have been developed with people living there.

Uruezealor village has constitution that guides them towards community Land which states that discussion on selling/shearing of community Land should only be done on a Congress meetings. The Constitution is there for everybody’s consultation.

Due to population explosion and quest for expansion, Uruezealor in 2009 during Congress meeting at late Mr Agbata’s compound which was venue for Congress unanimously agreed that the remaining portion of the community Land should be sheared, on that note every kindred was asked to go and produce the list of qualified beneficiaries based on the people that identified themselves with Age Grade.

In a related development, a Committee for shearing of Land was set up which comprises of representative from all the five kindreds that make up Uruezealor namely:- (1) Umu Ndaa

(2) Umu Odogwu

(3) Uru Eji

(4) Umu Nnebo and

(5) Umu Ezearo.

Prof. Gab Unachukwu volunteerd to be the moderator which was accepted. The meeting was scheduled to take place at Chief Uzodimma Onyido’s house which he(Chief Uzodimma) promised to in attendance.

On that faithful day of the meeting all Kindreds were fully represented with the lists of qualified beneficiaries while Mr Gozie Obi was appointed as the secretary of the committee.

All the lists were submitted to the Moderator Prof Gab Unachukwu who after going through the the documents made the following declarations:-

(1) that Nnebo kindred is overpopulated

(2) that the land will not be sheared with the list as agreed by the village.

(3) that the method used in 1978 by our Fathers will not be adopted.

(4) that the method used by other villages in Ogidi will not be adopted

(5) that he will share the land into five places amongst the five Kindreds.

Item 5 was what actually led to the problem of uruezealor till date. Single pronouncement from one man dismembered the whole community till date actually there is fire in the tongue. That was the very day, the very hour, the very minute and the very second Uruezealor problem started till today.

The matter had gone so bad to the extent that blood would have started flowing on the sacred Land of Uruezealor, God forbid! Whoever that sow the seed of discord in Uruezealor shall reap it hundred fold.

Imediatly after the meeting moderated by Prof. Gab Unachukwu, Nnebo kindred turned to endanger specie in their own land with humiliation and stigmatization everyday.

First and second COVID-19 parliative materials sheared in Uruezealor were not given to Nnebo kindred by other four kindreds and if not for the kind intervention of Uru union subsequent parliative materials will not have gotten to Nnebo kindred.

Dropping of refuse in Uruezealor land and construction of slabs on Government approved drainage by ALBEN COMPANY is never in any way become the problem of Uruezealor. Presently, a lot of activities are going on in Uruezealor land by members of the village and it has never in any way becomes our problem viz

(1) Nonso Agbata is operating his mini block industry on uruezealor land

(2) Mr John Agbata constructed a permanent structure (store) on uruezealor land

(3) Nwobi Ndefo constructed a permanent structure (Store) on Uruezealor land

(4) Chief Peter Ezedigwe constructed permanent structure (Store) on uruezealor land

(5) At Ilo Ikwu icheku that belongs to Uruezealor, there are permanent structures there

(6)All the refuse being generated by Starlight Model Nur. Pri. and Sec. School are being dumped in uruezealor land

(7) Uruezealor land is being cultivated by some people every year without being challenged

(8) Woods and Bamboos are being fell down by non indigenes without challenge

(9) All Uruezealor and their tenants are dumping refuse in Uruezealor land without being challenged

(10) Uruezealor land was being used by some persons as Sharp sand dump without being challenged.

And today four kindreds in Uruezealor namely:-

(1)Umu Odogwu

(2) Umu Ndaa

(3) Uru Eji and

(4) Umu Ezearo are humiliating HRM Igwe Alex Onyido claiming that he is dumping refuse in the village Land!

Anybody who wants to toe the path of truth should visit Uruezealor and see things for himself.

I want to state categorically that some uninformed youths were brain washed to create panic in Uruezealor. Police and other security agencies should take note as their video have gone viral. The sponsors of this misguided youths should as well be called to order. Uruezealor is not a battle ground, Uruezealor is peace loving community.

I urge all the stake holders in Ogidi Kingdom to as a matter of urgency come and shear Uruezealor community Land for them, it will go a long way in bringing peace to the community.

Chinedu wrote from Uruezealor, Ogidi, Anambra State.

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