August 26, 2020

Let us view Emeka Offor in a wider perspective.

It is not shocking that the Founder of Emeka Offor Foundation and Rotary International Polio Ambassador to Nigeria, Sir Dr. Emeka Offor popularly known as Sir E has been a headline on various social media posts with many kinds of interpretations.

While many see the Oraifite-born billionaire as a philanthropist who have impacted positively on numerous lives, some see him as a lover of Northern Nigeria who invests heavily in many northern states despite being from Anambra, a state in South-East Geopolitical zone and the false impression being created by this set of people prompted me to embark on this brief write-up.

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I must admit that I had been a heavy critic of Sir Dr. Emeka Offor. In fact, I had a serious disagreement with his modus operandi and in order to know his own side of story, I had a lengthy phone conversation with him.

During the phone call, he clarified many issues and gave me proofs of his various contributions to the betterment of the Igbo nation and Nigeria in general.

However, it is unfortunate that many may not have the privilege of interacting directly with him to know the truth but that shouldn’t be a concern because he remains a private citizen and therefore has the right to chose who to interact with concerning his philanthropy.

Emeka Offor donations

Even though Sir E (Emeka Offor) is not a politician and consequently doesn’t have tons of media aides to always propagate his contributions to the wellbeing of the people, an important characteristic of a true critic is his or her ability to get adequate facts before making any criticism.

Saying that Sir. Dr. Emeka Offor is not concerned about the welfare of his community is not only false but wicked because the man has not only helped his immediate community but has pulled numerous families out from poverty.

Many families in his hometown Oraifite has benefitted from his scholarships that enabled them study in various institutions of higher learning especially Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

Apart from his immediate community, many students of the University have benefitted from his scholarship programnes and I say this authoritatively because I have the privilege of interacting with members of the University management who showed proof that the Oraifite Billionaire has been paying school and even accommodation fees for many students for decades.

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Apart from that, Nnamdi Azikiwe University has been a major beneficiary of Sir Dr. Emeka Offor Foundation book donations for several years running.

His philanthropy in the University alone are worth millions of United States Dollars while his foundation has dispensed many philanthropic gestures including the donation of over 30 million United States Dollars worth of books, computers and other educational materials to schools and educational institutions in Nigeria and about 18 other African Countries in collaboration with Books for Africa (BFA) but sadly, people and blind critics may not know this because he is a private citizen and does not engage the media frequently like politicians.

Another institution that has benefitted magnificently from Sir. Dr. Emeka Offor is Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State. The Dr. Ekwueme Library in the Polytechnic was renovated by Sir. Dr. Emeka Offor.

Apart from the Library renovation, the Polytechnic has received numerous books from him coupled with many Students of the Polytechnic that have enjoyed his scholarships.

It is important to note that the philanthropist does not know numerous beneficiaries of his Foundation programmes but he always extend help to them because he believes in the promotion of well-being of the people regardless of their tribe, background or religion.

I cannot conclude the kind gestures of this philanthropist without mentioning his contributions that ensured total eradication of Polio in Nigeria. During the days of polio, Sir. Dr. Emeka Offor was the highest African donor to Rotary International towards eradication of the disease.

He donated over three million United States Dollars to the cause and to the Glory of God, Nigeria is now polio free. President Muhammadu Buhari on 29th June, 2020, wrote him and thanked him for his giant support that ensured total eradication of polio in Nigeria .

Indeed, Anambra State is the biggest beneficiary of Sir. Dr. Emeka Offor philanthropy. Also, charity begins at home and Sir E, as he is popularly called is always mindful of that.

Note that despite his magnificent contributions to the well-being of Anambra and its people, he remains a private citizen and therefore has the right to decide where to execute his philanthropy. Every patriot should not expect him to concentrate only in his state and geopolitical zone but should commend him for extending his kind gestures to other regions of the country.

I don’t want to talk about rumors that claim he held Anambra State hostage during the regime of Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju because one of the major qualities of a good leader is his ability to stand his ground and take responsibility for his successes and failures. Any leader who blamed a private citizen for his failures is not only weak but an ineffectual buffoon.

Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu

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