September 1, 2020

The Covid-19 vaccine reportedly produced by Russia is yet to be verified, Nigerian Physicians in America warned during a video conference organised by Elombah Television. [WATCH VIDEO BELOW]

The virtual Conference with the theme, Covid-19: Updates on Science, Research, Cure, and Vaccine. was attended by Dr Benedict Idowu, Emergency room physician & Neurologist with personal experience on COVID-19 cases in the USA, Experienced Neurologist affiliated with multiple hospitals in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area; Dr Gertie Anyanwoke, Infectious Disease Specialist with hands-on experience on COVID-19 cases. Medical Director of Infectious Disease Associates of Baton Rouge as well as Baton Rouge Multi-Specialty Care Centre, Baton Rouge, LA, USA; and Professor Joseph Igietseme, Chief of Molecular Pathogenesis Laboratory, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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President Vladimir Putin had said Russia cleared the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine for use and hopes to begin mass inoculation soon, even before clinical testing has finished.

“The first registration has taken place,” Putin said at a televised government meeting, adding that one of his daughters has already been given the vaccine. “I hope that we can soon begin mass production.”

But Dr Gertrude Anyanwoke said Russia has not completed the process of vaccine production and verification before the announcement.

“I am bold to say they have not through the three phases for vaccine production.

“In America today, we have two vaccines currently in phase three and I think there is another one that is coming up in the next few weeks going to phase three.

“We have more than six in phase one and we have more than 139 vaccine candidates that are being touted, “Dr Gertrude told Elombah Television in the video conference anchored in United Kingdom that lasted for more than two hours.

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Dr Gertrude, currently, Medical Director of Infectious Disease Associates of Baton Rouge, carpeted social media reports linking Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci with Covid-19.

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“It is ridiculous, you have a lot of people with this theory that Fauci is Antichrist, that Bill Gates is killing people, that Covid-19 came from 5G, base on what?” .

The American trained Clinician who have treated many Covid-19 Patient and have also chaired COVID-19 Taskforce of Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA) said, “I am infection disease physician, I am ready to take vaccine whenever it comes out and I will give it to my family and I will administer it to all my staff.

“That is how much I believe in the vaccine and maybe ‘I want to die or I want my family to die!’”

Enumerating the process of producing a standard vaccine, Dr Gertrude said, “You have the hypothesis, you run the sequencing, then put a formula to produce the vaccine and take it to production.

“Then you do the animal studies, and after the animal studies, you go to phase one trial that includes a few people just to find out about efficacy and safety of that vaccine and after that if it works, you go to phase two which involves hundreds of people and again you want to prove the efficacy and safety and at this phase one, phase two stages, you can’ give different doses especially phase one to see which produces anti- body most and which dose was the most beneficial in terms of less side effects, being efficacious.

“Then you go to phase three in phase three you have to have thousands of people in this study, then you show what your study finds that is when you now get to say this is good vaccine and you are going to register it with registration bodies and regulatory bodies and we are going to put it out there and start giving to people.”

In his contribution, Another American trained physician, Dr Benedict Idowu, agreed with the presentation by Dr Gertrude, and said, ” In order for any medication to be approved for use, there has to be a standard, the kind of case that will make it standard, make it unlikely to have any vaccine before the end of the year, because to achieve the required standard, it takes a lot of time.

“It requires very specific protocol, that is not practicable, if the Russians are claiming that they have a vaccine, the fact of the matter is that what they said they have has not met the required standard.”

VIDEO COVID-19: Updates on Science, Research, Cure and Vaccine

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