The Mendacity Of ‘Suswam’s Hatred’ For Idoma People

September 8, 2020

Recently, some malcontents went to town on a blind shooting spree, seeking to try and see if they could gun down the
increasingly soaring national political profile of His Excellency Dr. Gabriel Torwua Suswam, the former Governor of Benue State and current senator representing Benue East at the National
Assembly. Without shame, and without even a blink of the eye, they lied that Dr. Suswam hates the Idoma ethnic group–a claim that is as laughable as saying
the Benue River does not flow through Makurdi.

While it is easy to succumb to the temptation of not replying and addressing the tissues of lies peddled by the hired liars, the fact that they found
the gumption to peddle their fiction on print media makes it absolutely necessary to call their bluff by refuting and rebutting their fiction in the same manner so that the undiscerning public is
not misled into having a conjured
impression of the gentleman that excellently paid his dues in the development of Benue State without bias.

When they claim that His Excellency Dr. Gabriel Suswam hates the Idoma,
one is left wondering how, when and where did this man of impeccable character with unblemished sense of fairness exhibit this hatred or disdain
for the Idoma people whom he
worked assiduously for when he was Governor for 8 years.


He worked amicably and respectfully with his deputy, Chief Stephen Lawani for
eight years without ever having any case of sidelining or marginalizing him, as you would often hear between governors
and their deputies in other states, just as he also always made sure state projects were always distributed and executed
equitably among the three zones
of the state without the Idoma
ethnic group ever raising any
allegation of unfairness against

With an Idoma deputy governor, Dr. Gabriel Suswam also ran Benue State with his Secretary to the State
Government (SSG) strictly from
the Idoma ethnic group (Messrs
David Saliu and Audu Ashigili),
and that’s apart from ceding the
commissionership of finance to
them throughout his eight years
in office through Dr. Omadachi

In addition to all that, the very strategic office of Special Adviser on Local Governments and Chieftaincy Affairs was
ran by Dr. Sam Ode, an Idoma whom he later nominated to become a honourable minister of the republic. This is without
mentioning other Idoma personalities he appointed as commissioners and heads of agencies. So, where did they get
their ”Suswam hates the Idoma”
mantra from, if not a wicked
hatchet job just to ruin his
glorious reputation at this stage
of his life?

Currently, the only political position Dr. Suswam holds is the Senate seat of a particular senatorial district in Benue State, which simply means his core
responsibilities in the senate are
now first and foremost for the district he represents, just as the district that comprise the Idoma ethnic group has its own senator whose own responsibilities are also strictly for the zone and
people he represents.

In other words, while Dr. Gabriel Suswam pursues the fulfilments of the yearnings
of the people he represents at the senate, it should not be construed as him hating
any ethnic group. It should be simply understood in the context of spheres of influence and responsibility, which have been clearly delineated by law.
Let it be known that the senate is a chamber of equal opportunities for all its
members, and the ability of one
to access more opportunities for
their own constituents is simply
a function of one’s sagacity and
ability to build fruitful networks
that guarantee successful
representation. This is what
every intelligent senator knows,
and this is precisely what Dr.
Suswam has been doing for
his district, which should not
be seen or mischaracterised
as usurping or cornering the
interests of other districts for
his own district. He shouldn’t
be lampooned for knowing and
discharging his responsibilities;
rather he should be commended
for serving his people very well.

As an objective observer, I will rather suggest that if certain people feel their interests are not being properly projected or served in forums where they have representatives, they should simply call on their representatives to sit up and
serve them effectively instead of
trying to blackmail, intimidate and rundown those that are doing their own work well. It is as futile as a runner blaming the wind for their failure to win
a race.

– Hussaini wrote in from Abuja

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