November 8, 2020

God is revealing to us; He is warning us and He is chastening us- He is using Obigbo to pass a clear message and that message is ‘Prepare Yourselves’. He is telling us that the talkative telling you on his demonic radio that he is ready is not even awake. He is telling us that Nnamdi Kanu is sleeping and cannot offer anything. God is telling you to shake off the traitor deceiving you with his bloodsucking radio. He is telling you to go back to the drawing board because what is coming needs our resolve. We don’t need the traitor telling stories, bragging, making empty noise and gossiping. We need real and physical presence for the coming dark days.

Since 2015; the fragile traitor whose tongue is as sharp as two edged sword has been giving you false hope of Biafra. He has been narrating how he would cut down Nigerian soldiers and bury them alive. He even told you boldly in Aba that he would go to Abuja and bring back Buhari’s head. He has done nothing but present himself as the Messiah we have been waiting for over the years. A talkative that has nothing but empty words to offer.

He started with defense fund. He said he would match and the zoo will fall if you give him all your money. He said Somalia will be a child’s play and he told us sweet words over the years. Here we are; still in Nigeria and still Nigerians- over stretching our luck and heaping gun powder beneath our wings. This bomb will be detonated by time and we would come crashing against the earth from the very height our wings had taken us. Do we have more money to give? Unfortunately, we must look elsewhere and prepare for the coming dark days.

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For those needing a revelation or praying for the terrifying voice of God in company of thunder and lightning- pray no more because God has answered. Obigbo as a case study is enough to trigger consciousness of reality. Those following Nnamdi Kanu; shouting volunteers, bolunteers or voleybeers, Obigbo is a case study.

Do you still need any prophet to tell you that if Nigerian army; Fulani or if anyone responds to our unnecessary aggressions- they would match over our land with ease? That is what Obigbo is telling us- that we are not ready for anything- that we are species of terror without any help- that we are sheep without shepherd- that we have no one to stand in the gap- that we can only plead like kids- that our hope is in the lord who needs a man to effect miracles of change. That militants are for Southsouth- Amotekun for West- Boko and Jihadists for North- we have Talkatives- empty drum- ile ncha.

God is warning us. All the rants and aggressions on Radio Biafra are nothing but the words of a drunkard who has found joy is his tongue. Everything you have heard from Nnamdi Kanu about how Trump visited him in London, how EU invited him, how UN gave him order to be Biafran leader, how he has volunteers that would fight. All you have heard from the satanic agent and traitor are all lies from the pit of hell.

The simple strategy this man had was to cause a problem and continue to hide- soldiers came to his house, he hid for one year before finally running to Middle-east. He caused the problem in Obigbo and he tucked his tail between his two legs. He is enjoying his life in Germany while you find it hard to eat due to military siege. What about ordering his volunteers to fight or save the day. He has absolutely nothing except feeling relevant as you are gunned down.

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He doesn’t know your name. He doesn’t know how you are buried. He doesn’t know how you survived what he instigated. He doesn’t know anything about you except sleep comfortably. Eat good food and have pleasure with good women.

If Obigbo is anything good; it is the fact that you have been made to understand that there is nothing happening anywhere and there is nothing Nnamdi Kanu can do to restore Biafra or even defend his members anywhere. Nnamdi Kanu is freely going about his rogue franchise called RBL while you are serious and putting your life on the line.

If Nnamdi Kanu’s mouth eventually instigates Fulani or Nigerian government to clamp down or exterminate us. Sadly; they would freely and without any objection or opposition walk through us. Above all; it is pertinent to know that Nnamdi Kanu is not ready for anything in Biafra land or for Biafra. Obigbo is a case study. Had Buhari or Hausa people got angry or reacted to the verbal aggressions from Nnamdi Kanu. They would have peacefully burn down and kill your loved ones. There won’t be volunteers or Nnamdi Kanu anywhere to talk let alone fight. The defense money you contributed and everything he ever said- story… story for the gods

If you have given this man any dime for the defense of our people. If you still take him serious. Obigbo is a case study. You can demand your money- stop taking him serious and distance yourself from the loquacious lame supreme leader of inactiveness. There is alternative out there to embrace because the traitor has sold out. I can always stand in the gap for real men capable of restoring Biafra.

Ifeanyi chijioke- independent/investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu

DISCLAIMER : Opinion articles are solely the responsibility of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers of ElombahNews!

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