January 24, 2021

A 36-year-old man, Nura Walwala Magaji is now a proud father of 13, haven been blessed with four additional kids from his four wives within three weeks. While Magaji’s wives now prefer to have more female children, the woodworker whose childhood dream is to father 40 has no gender preference. Haruna Mohammed reports.

Although having a large family is not alien to the traditional African society, the pattern has its social-economic implications. In some cultures, large family is considered a testament of affluence on the side of the man , while in a few others, it is simply to fulfill some religious dictates.

But to Nura Walwala Magaji, a carpenter and a resident of Zango ward, a suburb of Bauchi metropolis, a large family is also to keep to a tradition already existing in his family. However, he has his target on breaking a record; to father at least 40 children, a life ambition he hopes to achieve.


Nura’s recent marital trajectory saw his four wives putting to bed within a space of three weeks. His family now has additional three boys and a girl.

The elated Nura in a chat with LEADERSHIP Sunday said, “I thank God for this precious gifts because it is not everyone who desires to have children are blessed with them ; while some have mixed genders, others are given boys exclusively or girls.”

Although managing four wives at a period of dwindling economic atmosphere for many households isn’t easy, Nura insisted that with fortune from his carpentry works, he would successfully and comfortably carter for his wives and children.

The carpenter expressed happiness and sang praises to Allah for expanding his coast with th blessing of four children within three weeks from his four wives who all live in the same compound.

He said, “Babies are a gift from Allah and I am happy that my four wives gave birth to three bouncing boys and a girl within just three weeks. ”

The 36-year – old carpenter who acknowledged that :”sometimes, in the hustle of taking care of these kids that are supposed to be a gift to parents, they can feel more like a heavy burden said, ” I am aware that caring for kids can feel like draining work. If we don’t find a proper balance between caretaking of our family and investing in our own self-care it can be easy to miss out on the daily joys of a childhood unfolding before your eyes, family-life, and the legacy that you have the honour of passing to your children”

According to Nura, his family received the gift as a blessing and will continue to work tirelessly to raise them with the little money he makes from his carpentry business as well as the proceeds from the petty trade his wives are engaged in.

The proud father of 13 who could not hide his joy said, ” Two among my four wives gave birth within 48 hours; “and the interval between the third delivery and the fourth was just 21 days.

“We organised a sizable naming ceremony within our means where we ate and drank with family members, friends and well-wishers. Only one of them delivered at home, the other three delivered in the hospital”, he explained.

Nura who boasted of inheriting polygamy said he was not bothered about what people around his neighbourhood were saying; “because to me, polygamy is runs in my blood. In fact, we inherited it from both our maternal and paternal grandparents.

“My mother’s father married four wives , likewise my dad’s father . Yes , it might sound funny but am so proud of this achievement. Growing up as a child, I used to pray to Allah to bless me with 40 children and people laughed at me

“You know everybody has their idealogy and you cannot force a particular ideology on someone. Haven said this, bearing family responsibility is not solely in our hands as husbands , rather, it is in the hands of our Creator.

“Look, Allah commanded us to start by marrying two wives, then proceed to three wives , then four wives and He said if you cannot be just among them, go for one wife”, Nura added..

Interestingly, Nura who is opposed to the idea of family planning, prefers child spacing to achieve total births limiting.

Hear him,“It is wrong for an individual to subscribe to the idea of family planning because of fear of poverty. It is rather better to space between one child and another to give both the mother and the baby required care and attention before bringing another one. I have 13 children now; 10 boys and three girls” .

The proud father said, “when my adorable wives conceived, all of them were praying to have girls. Even my older children backed their mothers as earnestly desired having more sisters. As Allah would have it, the first wife gave birth to a baby boy.

“I only listened to them, laughed them off; and say to myself, whichever is the best for me, let Allah give me because I love children of both sexes.” I ensured that all my wives attended antenatal sessionsand adhered to all.medical advise

Malam Nura Walwala Magaji pledged his unalloyed determination to sponsor his children through both Western and Islamic education to make them useful to the family and the society at large.

“Nine out of the 13 children are enrolled in formal schools and just as you can see, an Alaramma is around teaching them how to memorise Qur’an.”

His first wife, Nuwaira Muhammad Saminu, 25, said attending the weekly antenatal session helped her and her baby boy to achieve good health condition.

Also speaking to LEADERSHIP Sunday, Baraka Murtala Ladan, 23, his second wife, commended her husband’s ability to carter for them and ensurepeaceful coexistence among them.

Baraka said, “Whenever gets angry with one of us, we normally rally around her to comfort and support her, after which we take a stand not to tolerate him when he comes around until things are sorted out.

Sadiya Abdullahi, 20, the third wife, applauded her co-wives and particularly, expressed joy at the unity existing between their children. She said, the older kids serve as nannies to the newly born kids.

Speaking on why she prayed constantly for a baby girl, the fourth wife, Hajara Isah, 21, said girls are reliable confidants and also very helpful with house chores.

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