Weird Skits Entertainers Do For Fame

March 28, 2021

SOLOMON AKPAN and NJOKU KELECHI FAVOUR in this piece, give a glimpse of fast-rising artistes who have become famous with bizarre skits on social media

Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, 2020 was clearly a good year for upcoming artistes in the country who specialise on short video skit on social media. At the moment the number of hit skits and the quality of production on the internet seem to have surpassed that of the previous year and most importantly, the diverse genres were a much-desired break from the norm.

However, according to the popular maxim, the sky is wide enough for everyone to fly and enjoy all the good things that come with living in the spotlight. Nonetheless, among these video skits is that of a young man who pretends to be a yahoo boy cry and displaying crazy behaviours in the public lamenting ‘I no go fit use my mama’ (I cannot use my mother) what is the use of the money when my mother cannot enjoy it.

For now, some of these comedy skits have left people baffled on social media. This is so because the platform has always had almost all the attention of young Nigerians.


Real name Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam popularly called Taaooma in her skits imitates Nigerian mother’s funny characters towards children during their childhood. Also, she imitates the unbelievable behaviours of parents and siblings at home, that were not or haven’t been noticed until these videos came up on the internet. And these videos have over 152,000 likes on Facebook, on Youtube, and one million views in just one week.


Steve Chuks

Steve Chuks dresses as a woman and a mother to imitates Nigerian mother’s behaviour during morning devotions, and during a wedding ceremony. Why showing off these acts people are laughing their sorrows and worries out.

Ella Ada

A lady identified as Okechukwu Ella Ada was caught in public, misbehaving with cucumber. This happened a few days after she dressed up in an attire representing the Nigeria flag, celebrating Nigeria independence beside a trash dump, to buttress how corrupt the country is.

Paul Sacta

Paul Sacta is popular for imitating young ladies while trying to catch cruise. Sacta has ladies in mind while making his comedy skit. This act has gained him popularity on social media. Today he has gained his fame through these acts.


Jessiekaey aka Jessica Anagor uses her skit to display the character of different students when called out for noisemakers, this video has hit over 32,000 likes on Facebook and more likes on other social media.

Frank D

Frank D dresses as a mother with his son imitating the character of mothers who sends his child on an errand in the 90s while the opposite is done. This video has gained thousands of likes and over one million views on all social media.


Isaac Aloma popularly called Zicsaloma is one of Nigeria’s hottest Instagram comedians who quits a lecturing job for comedy. He dresses like a woman, imitating different females in their professions, an example was when he dressed and acts as a tailor, and it hits also 300k likes and over 3 million views in three days on Facebook and even hits more likes on Instagram and Youtube.


Tamunokuro Michael Tonye-Nathan who is popularly known as Tee Kuro is a Nigerian Instagram comedian, he dresses as a woman and a man to pass his message across to his audience and has been in limelight for some years now. An example of his skit was when he dressed as different brides and grooms from different tribes showing off their dance steps. He has hit over 78,000 likes in four days and over two million views on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.


Johnmary Chikwendu, aka Madjohny, is a comedian and actor who also dresses as different women. An example of this is when he dresses as a prophetess prophesying to members of the church and funny enough this comedy skit has gained fame likewise other of his videos have gained over 14,000 likes only on Facebook and more hits on other social media.

James Brown

James Brown whose real name is Obialor started trending for some other reason that is not related to his present status. James Brown is a cross-dresser and a cultural dancer presently he has managed to gain fame in the past years and some months. He has dressed in many ladies’ outfits, and with this act whenever his video hits the internet it gains so many views and likes on all social media.

Ikorodu Boys

Ikorodu Boys are dressers who dress as celebrities local and national, they make their materials with nylon bags (plastic bags use to pack goods you buy in a store) and this has made people laugh and also made people find them interesting. By this, they have gained fame and more beneficial opportunities that are favourable to youngsters seeking a greener pasture.


He is a cross-dresser too, with the real name Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju he has become part of the social media news since 2019 till date. Some say he is an organic cream producer and his act is rather his business strategy for his product to gain more fame and also to make profits. Some said he is gay because of the way he dresses and his feminist behaviour, together with the fact that he wears make-up. He has gained so many followers on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook, each with tremendous likes and views.

Prophet Rolex

Anthony Odunze better known as Prophet Rolex is a Nigerian born comedian and social media influencer. He is popular for his eating videos and has gotten over 100,000 followers on his Facebook page.

Prophet Rolex who started his comedy career right from when he was young. He has different weird food combination.

Experts React

A lecturer at the University of Lagos in the Creative Arts department, Dr Tunji Sotimirin noted that individual perception differs while producing these skits.

Sotimirin who is a multitalented actor who won the City People Movie Special Recognition Award said he could not whether the skits were wrong, right or portray the right message to Nigerian youths.

“I can only say that interpretations and conceptions matter. This is the period where a lot of people emphasize cashing out on social media and what makes the youths happy.

“This is so because they want to sell their product, art or idea. It’s all good for them. They also want to be relevant. My interpretation or conception of comic works or any art is different because I look at my presentation and conversion from different perspectives and work.

He explained that art is something that comes from the heart and has come to stay.

He stated that people decide what they want and what appeals to them.

Also, the chairman, Abuja chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Mr Agility Onwura, said at the moment people use social media to lunch their skit and promote their work.

Onwura said: “There is a new wave of video skits globally and the internet is the global oil now. Anybody can use the media and the internet to lunch their movies and promote their work.

“But you still know that television is still the best because that is the one you can get a clearer understanding of messages. In movies, you can make money than going online, but for some people it an added money and can make them famous.”

He added that although no general law controls video uploaded online, with time the law will guide the current trend.

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