April 14, 2021

By Our Correspondent

Virtual reality is on the rise, with more people experiencing things in this digital way every day. One of the most unique utilizations of this technology brings people together through powerful adventure experiences and allows them to interact in the virtual environment.

Marshall Mosher’s company, Vestigo, is working to hone this technology and make it work for teams across the country.

Team building exercises are proven to create team cohesion by solving problems together. Vestigo used to run these kinds of workshops in-person during their first few years as a company.

However, Mosher wanted to do more. He created team-building exercises in VR, which allows coworkers to experience the challenges virtually.


“I digitally recreated the world’s most daunting adventure environments in VR, helping corporate teams embrace adaptability and innovation,” Mosher said.

This technology has worked for huge companies like CNN, Home Depot, and Microsoft, and the list continues to grow.

Vestigo currently has several exercises that it can offer teams. In one,

participants walk across a virtual ladder spanning a massive crevasse at the base of Mt Everest. Their team is there, in VR, to support them as they take the terrifying journey into the unknown. In the other, one team mate finds a ticking time bomb, and their team needs to provide instructions to defuse it.

“These exercises help people work towards a common goal. It causes them to work together and find solutions to problems. Although it may not seem so, these exercises directly translate to the corporate world,” Mosher explained.

One of Mosher’s favorite parts of the VR experience is that it helps people learn to navigate the unknown.

“This is called the innovation mindset. It gives employees the ability to thrive in different and unknown environments. It helps people be adaptable, no matter how challenging the situation, and it prompts coworkers to see difficulties as unique opportunities,” he added.

Vestigo’s technology has been beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams are working online and through Zoom more than ever, making it harder to bond and build effective teamwork techniques.

“Many businesses feel like their team members haven’t gotten to know each other and work together in person, creating a gap in the strength of team relationships and trust. Our technology has found a way around that,” explained Mosher.

Vestigo ships VR headsets to each team member to complete these challenges in a seemingly in-person digital world. Thes exercise can work for teams of 10 or hundreds. Although virtual reality technology works great, Mosher still sees ways to improve. The company is currently working on two more adventures: a cave diving and a free solo climbing experience.

“We’re excited to be a leader in building the immersive future of digital adventure. Each of our exercises emphasizes a different part of teamwork, and we’re excited for people to see what we have to offer,” he said.

Team building is especially important during the pandemic. If your employees need help working together, Marshall Mosher’s company Vestigo can really change your company’s work environment for the better.

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